Urban Landscape and Public Realm Improvements Project

Barra Transport Hub

To provide improvement works for the newly built urban transportation hub

The project is located in the newly built large-scale transportation hub area in the southwest of the Macau Peninsula - the Barra Transportation Hub will become an important core of transport distribution, transfer and connection between Macau - Taipa - Cotai, between New Urban Zones and old urban districts, as well as between Macau and Zhuhai. 

The project covers an area of approximately 10,000 m2, with scope that covers the ground floor and 3-story basement underneath, including public open spaces, green squares, sky garden, viewing platforms, bus terminals; taxi stands; public parking spaces; tourist bus pick-up and drop-off areas; LRT station, etc. By completing the project, it aims to further integrate various public and private facilities, transportation as well as local urban planning, so as to achieve the realization of seamless "point-to-point" travel mode.

The project starts off with 25 optimization schemes, with the main purpose of improving pedestrian and user safety and environmental quality. The scope includes: demolition of existing buildings and reinstallation of walls; improvement of extension facilities and overall coordination to adjacent buildings and surrounding public areas; road and drainage improvement; replacement of manhole covers and drainage pipes; replacement and installation of mechanical and electrical facilities; Facility location, junction and use; integration of surrounding road surfaces and slope levels; modification of ground pavement design and barrier-free facilities; increase of green coverage; addition of security rooms and checkpoints; customization and installation of characteristic glass canopies and walkway ceilings; repair of escape Walls of stairwells and public elevators; diversion and improvement of entrances and exits of public parking lots, etc.

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