Concrete Bored Pile Foundation Construction

Flor de Lótus Road, Cotai

Concrete Bored Pile Foundation Construction for

a multi-functional building on Flor de Lótus Road, Cotai

The development will be implemented in the former Cotai Border Post (Flor de Lótus Border Post), in an area of approximately 6,600m2. The building will be 25 stories high and have 3 basement floors, with a gross construction area of around 103,000 m2. 

The building will be mainly used for offices, commercial facilities as well as car parking for public use. In addition, the podium of the building will be used as an interchange platform for future Light Rail Line that connecting taipa and Hengqin, thus foundation engineering in this project is significantly important for surrounding constrcution.

Areia Preta Lote-P

Concrete Bored Pile Foundation Construction for

Temporary Housing and Home Swap Housing Project (Lote C2)

The project is located on Lote P of the new reclamation area in Areia Preta, Macau. With a total area of 47,682 m2, Lote P is going to serve as temporary accomodation for residents who are affected by renewal projects in their neighbourhood.  

Among Lote P, Lote C2 with a construction area of approximately 96,600 m2, is planned to build two residential buildings with a height of 50 floors and a basement floor. By completing with adjacent projects, the new neighbourhood intends to provide about 2,800 residential units and appoximate 3,900 private parking spaces with social and commercial space and public transport interchange for better connectivity and urban environment.

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